As a child, I loved watching the cascade of cards fill up my Solitare window when I won a game– and now you can permanently install that satisfying moment in your home, with a 3D sculpture of the winning screen. Designers Lars Marcus and Theos of¬†Skrekk√łgle created this 5 foot wide sculpture titled “Solitare Win” out of over 1000 cards printed on black foam board. I LOVE IT.

From their website:

Because we love beating the game, watching all the cards hop around. Hop hop hop.
It’s the type of idea you would like ‘It sounds fun, but that’s ALOTTA work.’ Tadah! The sculpture measures approximately 150 x 70 x 40 cm.

You might be a bit like, ‘It comes across a bit different from the screen version, it doesn’t look quite right.’ Well, even though one card’s array should have a higher z-value (think css) than the previous array, the physical world only displays one z-value for each element in all arrays. So instead, we hierarchized the card’s arrays by prioritizing the lowest card values in the intersections.

I love it. I imagine that the foam boards make this a very lightweight sculpture, and it would never survive the attacks from my cats, but I’d want this in my apartment! [Via My Modern Met.]

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