Studio Ditte is a design agency based in the Netherlands, and they have an amazing Robot Wallpaper made from old prints and vintage finds, melded together in the best possible way. Every robot on there looks offbeat and a little quirky, which is just how robot wallpaper ought to be, with a good mix of muted colors, vintage patterns, and mismatched eyes.

From the Studio Ditte website:

After a journey through containers with small hardware parts and disassembling appliances, Studio Ditte brings a unique robot wallpaper. The army of friendly robots is made from old prints and decorated with small finds. The robot wallpaper is a blend of the nostalgic and the digital age. Version: bleep bleep.

Did I mention that it’s water cleanable? Perfect for kids and clumsy adults (like me) alike. Also, if you’re a fan of the repeating patterns in faded colors, check out their buttons and birdhouse wallpapers. [Via The Style Files.]

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