I’m not sure if this is just a packaging concept or a real product, but the Gubble Bum bubble gum packaging (say that 10 times, fast!) designed by JJAAK DESIGN is super silly, and super cute. Each box has a colorful top and a clean white bottom, and the packaging is meant to look like you could slide each Gubble Bum’s skin off, to reveal their little boxy skeletons underneath.

The best part of this packaging is that the facial expressions on the front of the box mimic the placement of the bone structure underneath. From the JJAAK DESIGN website:

Packaging design for a fun and slightly twisted bubble gum brand. Beneath the cutesy, colorful exterior lies an unexpected twist: removing the outer box reveals the skeleton of each “bum.”

If these were real boxes of gum that we could buy, they would be ideal for repurposing– imagine each gubble bum holding different office supplies, or random knickknacks, etc! [Via Demilked.]

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