Stuart McLachlan is an illustrator and graphic designer with the steady hands of a paper craftsman, and his whimsical paper party hats are both imaginative yet precisely executed. Each hat looks like a child’s favorite dream or fantasy, come to life atop their heads, and the ephemeral medium only makes each creation more precious (could you imagine actually handing these out in a birthday party? They’d be in shreds in moments.)

Super love, by the way, to the duo-toned paper– where did they find paper that was bright red on one side and dark teal on the other? Really, really lovely. From McLachlan’s bio:

Recently, Stuart developed a new technique of paper styling using cut paper to create images and art objects for the fashion, art editorial and advertising areas. These hand made pieces have been used extensively on the fashion runway and have been published in Vogue, Karen magazine, on book covers, posters, editorial and commissioned art. He hopes to progress his paper styling to evermore complex and varied uses and is always open to new challenges in the art, fashion and illustration fields.

Also, kudos to the photographer and stylist of these shots– the makeup looks unfussy and playful on these models, and they really do McLachlan’s creations justice. [Via design work life.]

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