What better way to advertise chocolate than to make the product website entirely out of the delicious stuff? Two different companies had the similar idea to launch all-chocolate websites, both of which use custom molds for every button, sidebar, and background of their respective websites. The concepts are indeed very similar, but the products and execution offer a new perspective on what it means to have a website completely made out of chocolate.

Whittaker’s Chocolate

The first website is for a New Zealand chocolatier named Whittaker’s Chocolate, who hired the digital creative agency Salted Herring to make their website an interactive chocolate wonder— everything from the interface design to the navigation to the social media buttons was made in chocolate.

All of the chocolate web elements were made to fit into a single bar, and then broken and photographed; afterwards, Whittaker’s sold/gave away chocolate bars that were made from the website mould. From the Salted Herring blog:

First we had to familiarise ourselves with the technical challenges of designing chocolate with the help of the Whittakers experts. Their “web block” had to fit to standard block size and weight specifications, so it took a lengthy and detailed design process to perfect it.

From this the web block was converted into a 3D model and sent off to specialist chocolate mould makers based in the Netherlands. And with these moulds, Whittaker’s hand-produced the blocks from 72% Dark Ghana chocolate.

The blocks were then broken into individual pieces, photographed and integrated into the design of the website. 500 limited edition ‘web blocks’ have also been created for PR purposes. Beautifully packaged in a box designed like other block wrappers, it has been given away to friends of Whittaker’s.

You can see the entire making-of video on the Whittaker’s home page too, just click HERE.

Sagres Preta Chocolate

The Portugese beer Sagres recently came out with a new chocolate stout, and to launch the new product they hired famed chocolatier Victor Nunes to create an entirely chocolate website, featuring the Sagres Preta Chocolate bottle right in the middle of all of that chocolate. The buttons on this website shatter into chocolatey shards when you hover over them, and the making of photos are amazing.

The difference between the two is that Whittaker’s interface is made from a mould, whereas the Sagres Preta Chocolate website is sculpted by hand, resulting in two distinct looks from the same medium. I’m going to quietly sit back and lick my screen for the rest of the day, thank you very much.

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