Here’s a novel way to add flavor to your favorite dishes– the German ad agency Koll Rebbe created a unique packaging promo for The Deli Garage, by molding parmesan cheese into pencil forms that you can shave off with the accompanying pencil sharpener. The “lead” on these pencils come in three flavors: truffles, pesto, and chili.

As an added bonus, the packaging includes a small ruler printed on the side, to let you know how many calories you’ve shaved into your salad this time around, or how many inches of parmesan belong in a specific dish. Alas, the entire first limited edition of 500 sold out in two weeks, so its not available for purchase right now. Perhaps a DIY venture is at hand?

Via Jazarah:

The 3 different types of parmesan cheese needed packaging, which is easy to handle at meals and also lists portioning suggestions as a bonus. With the built-in grating function you can sprinkle delicious, appetizing flakes of parmesan cheese on your meal.

(Honestly, no one on the internet had good images of this product, so I almost thought it was a hoax– until I found these photos from Thank goodness this is real, because now I want them.)

[Via Jazarah, thanks Chris Wu!]

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