The computer mouse’s namesake implies that the wire is the “tail” of the mouse, but what happens when wireless mice become the norm in computer use? The Oppopet (“oppo” means “tail” in Japanese) is a wireless mouse with a detachable USB which can be plugged into any computer– and these USBs come in 8 different animal tail shapes (ox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, squirrel, chameleon, and rabbit.)

Produced by elecom in collaboration with nendo, the Oppopet was just released in Japan these year. The tails are meant to be attached for easy travelling, and then detached from the mouse when you need to use them. From the Nendo website:

To transport the mouse, users plug the tail into the body, as though picking up a small animal to go for a walk. When in use, the mouse takes on a simple discrete shape, and the tail plugs into the computer, extending casually as though a small pet is hiding inside.

I love the foxtail mouse– some of the other ones look too odd and nubbly, like the pig or the rabbit. [Via Design Boom.]

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