The Magisso Cake Server won a Red Dot Award in 2010 for their amazing, amazing, amazing design– here’s a kitchen utensil that has two very specific functions that fit seamlessly into one another. The cake server acts as a knife that cuts out entire slices of cake at a time; you simply cut the cake in the size you prefer, give the tongs a light squeeze to grip the sides, and then you can lift out a perfect slice to put on your plate.

The server comes in simple stainless steel or four colors: Pure Black, Fresh Lime, Deep Purple and Snow White. From the Magisso website:

Magisso Cake Server is a perfect centerpiece for every party, wedding and graduation setting. The beautifully designed and functional Cake Server is an ideal gift with the space for inscriptions and engravings. The Magisso Cake Server is made of mirrored high quality stainless steel and it is suitable for every kind of cake. The Magisso Cake Server is designed in Finland by Maria Kivijärvi.

I love the stainless steel version of these servers (the colors seem too… plasticky for my taste) but the best part about this is the perfect slices of cake that they make. No more wobbling around cake slices on dinky plastic knifes, or worse yet, dropping and ruining cake.

Also, it occurred to me that you could dip the stainless steel servers in hot water for easy slicing of ice cream cake! Delicious.

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