The Japanese are quite famous for their stunningly realistic fake display food, but these iPhone cases take the art to another (more transportable) level– the iMeshi cases from Strapya feature different types of Japanese delicacies and street foods on their backs, all of which look unnervingly real. The illusion is compounded by the 3D nature of the cases, some of which are thicker than the iPhone itself.

Each month, Strapya has been releasing a new food, so broiled eel is the special for the month of July.

Practical? Well, the molded plastic will probably provide some sort of cushioning if you ever do drop your iPhone– as if you needed any more justification for buying yourself an “authentic” Japanese meal. The site does note, however, that for aesthetic reasons, sometimes the case doesn’t have a viewing hole for the camera; you have to take off the case in order to take any pictures, alas. [Via Designboom.]

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