Photographer Christopher Boffoli’s new series, Disparity, features tiny people doing very ordinary things, while perched on eggshells or alongside of strawberry seeds– the tiny model figures are so small that they become dwarfed by their surroundings of food, which exist as larger-than-life backdrops for Boffoli’s photographs.

The people seem engrossed in their everyday activities, and every photo is cleverly set up to make us ultra-aware of different textures of foods. Via his interview with My Modern Met:

For those who want to try out something similar, what tips could you give?

You have to have patience. Like a lot of things, this kind of stuff looks really simple on camera but it requires time to get things set-up and lit. Then you have to try various angles and depth-of-field. It certainly helps to practice with food styling and lighting first. And above all, you have to slow down and look closely at what you’re doing. A lot of us might go to the grocery store and throw something in the cart. But you have to be really selective about picking fruits and vegetables that will look good to the camera. It goes along with the whole theme of the project, which is to take a closer look at things and to consider familiar things in a different context.

I’m starving now– but its undeniably clever, and it’s a thought-provoking twist on the typical macro food shot. This looks infinitely harder to set up, once you toss in the tiny people! [Via Ignant.]

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