My oft-declared love for Confetti System is coming out again: I could sing songs about their craftsmanship, their creativity, their color palettes, and so on, and so on. They recently designed a surprise birthday party for Alber Elbaz, the fashion designer and art director of Lanvin fame, so all the paper decor and party props have the quintessential Confetti System flair, to my delight.

With the Central Park boathouse as the backdrop for all the decorations, the photos really do look magical– also, check out the massive surprise cake that Confetti System put together, which could (and did) hide an entire person inside. Photos from the Confetti System tumblr:

The colors are off the wall. And this is much better than Alber Elbaz’s last birthday, which was notoriously pathetic, to quote his own words. I’m glad he had a lovely party instead this year, this is fantastic. [Via Confetti System.]

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