This is amazing: graphic designer Jamie Reed hand-made these Wooly Willy spin-offs for some clever (and nostalgic) self-promotion. He replaced Wooly Willy‘s face with his own bald head, and then surrounded the toy with iconic faces to illustrate his many sides as a designer, specifically Elvis, Robin, Bob Ross, Superman, Mr. T, and MacGyver.

Everything is meticulously crafted, from the screen printing to the rounded corners to the illustrations of different faces. It was part of a more complete package (CD, porfolio, resume included) for potential employers– what a memorable way to make an impact (if I got this in the mail, I’d keep it on my desk all the time!) It manages to trigger fond memories without seeming like a knock-off; rather, it has the feel of a creative spin-off that really speaks about his ingenuity and design skills.

Here’s Jamie Reed’s description of his promo, via FPO:

If you’re not familiar, Wooly Willy is a cheap magnetic toy that lets you create hairstyles by moving metal filings around with a magnet wand. More recently (now slightly older, with a shaved head resembling “Willy”) I saw one in a toy store and thought that it might work as a unique self-promo. The concept was pretty simple, essentially the different faces you could create would represent a character trait or ability of mine as a graphic designer.

I used recognizable pop culture icons that I thought best illustrated my personality and work habits and tried to keep the message fun and conversational. One of the hardest parts of this project was thinking of the reference characters to use, I went back and forth between using “real” people or just doing generic characters (like a gunslinger or superhero). After much deliberation and many suggestions from friends, I decided on Elvis, Robin, Bob Ross, Superman, Mr. T, and MacGyver. I would like to note however that Chuck Norris, James Bond, Telly Savalas and Burt Reynolds nearly made the cut.

My absolute favorite: Mr. T, hands down. “Works great with teams!” [Via FPO.]

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