The title doesn’t sound glamorous, but the results of David Gilliver‘s photography and light painting skills creates mesmerizing art: waves of color wash over darkened German bunkers that were occupied by the Nazis in WWII. With a long shutter speed and some glow sticks and light sabers, Gilliver transforms the landscape using techniques that he has mastered over the years.

From My Modern Met:

The 31-year-old creates bright light orbs by fixing LED lights onto a man-made contraption that attaches to a drill, which makes them rotate in circles. He also has a collection of light sabers and glow sticks that he uses as paintbrushes.

In each image, Gilliver is actually present the whole time the photograph is being taken, but he prefers to remain invisible. “I dress in black or very dark clothing to help minimize the chances of being made visible to the camera during the shoot,” he expalins. “Once the camera has started taking the shot – which can last up to 30 minutes – I walk into the picture frame and begin adding the light to the photograph.”

There’s something very ethereal and unworldly about these photos; maybe its the dusky half-light of the sky, maybe its the fact that glow sticks tend to come in bizarre neon colors. Whatever it is, Gilliver’s doing it right– the landscape looks positively magical through his lens. [Via My Modern Met.]

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