My fascination with moustaches continues! Here’s a lovely design by Interabang for iced coffee in the UK, for a brand called Jimmy’s, with retro colors, a playful blend of type in a coffee-brown color, plus a moustache on the back of the carton.

I like how the humble milk carton gets not just a content upgrade but also a clean design upgrade here. Even the business cards take the shape of the milk carton, although I’m a little disappointed that these business cards dont have moustaches on the back (to mimic the one on the carton.) From Interabang’s website:

Jimmy’s mission is to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond. Launched in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols then rolled out across the UK’s supermarkets, shops and festivals.

Very clever, and it really makes the iced coffee look delicious– I’m craving some now! [Via Lovely Package.]

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