Minor changes don’t make for minor news in design, and Jack Daniel’s new look that was revealed this past week resulted in a long (but interesting) article on the Wall Street Journal, along with images of the cleaner, more refined label.

The new label features more whitespace and a distinct visual hierarchy (hello to the left and right panels, I love it!) but true Jack Daniel’s aficionados might hate it– and if you read the WSJ article, you’ll see just how involved and invested people have gotten with this design. From the WSJ:

Jack will have less to say now.

From a bar’s-width away, the changes won’t leap out: The letters will stay white-on-black, just be crisper. The distillery is calling the label a “refinement,” even if refinement isn’t an idea easily associated with a favorite snort of bikers and rock stars.

If the standard label redesign wasn’t exciting enough for you, check out the new Tennessee Honey label that Cue designed for Jack Daniel’s first flavored whiskey, that’s been blended with honey liquor. From Cue’s website:

Drafting off of the core Jack Daniel’s brand, the label is built around familiar brand elements to communicate product authenticity. New elements connect the brand story to the Tennessee Honey proposition and signal its flavor cues.

The identity system for Tennessee Honey references the core brand expression, but adds iconography and messaging to create a proprietary brand language for the new product. The primary logo and extended visual palette balance Tennessee Honey’s energy, natural ingredients and smooth taste.

I love, love, love this– everything looks rich and golden and lovely, but it still retains the Jack Daniel’s iconic type and general style. [Via The Dieline.]

Also– crazy fact, but did you know that Lynchburg (the town that produces and ships all of the Jack Daniel’s products) is completely dry? Apparently you can make whiskey there, but you can’t sell it. Crazy.

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