Last year, photographer Massimo Gammacurta released a set of awe-inspiring lollipops: he had molded colored sugar into the shapes of familiar corporate logos, brought to life with the addition of fantastical colors and motion. The aptly named “Lolli-POP Project” went viral online, and Gammacurta’s new series of “Candy Numbers” is sure to do the same again.

Here, he worked on a series of colorful numbers for Wired magazine, and shows us how sugar can be an unexpectedly volatile medium, with its varied colors and reactions to heat and movement. There’s a lot of smearing, dripping, pulling, and twisting going on here.

From Gammacurta’s comments on Behance:

All these numbers are made with real candy by me, took me a while but are not as hard as the Lolli-POP project.

I just wanted to clarify that cause i got a lot of inquiries about the programs i used to do this and it was just molds and candy and a lots of burns.

Each shot looks simultaneously too beautiful to eat, yet mouthwateringly real– I’m about to lick my screen, and I can feel my teeth aching from all the sugar already. [Via Behance.]

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