UK-based Joseph Egan is a student at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, and for his final project he created this amazing anamorphic type installations: the pieces align properly only when you look at it from a very specific angle.

The precision of the type, despite the fact that its stretching across walls and corners, makes this all the more impressive. This would look fantastic on the walls of any design studio, as a gentle reminder to where a graphic designer’s priorities should be. From Egan’s blog:

Completed in exactly one week from start to finish our work covers the entire corridor as well as venturing into the fire escape it’s without doubt the biggest work I have ever undertaken. Some of the letters cover more than one surface, with the ‘M’ actually hitting 4 walls overall whilst some letters are left untouched by anamorphosis and perfectly formed (‘J’ in the fire escape).

We chose this phrase for a number of different reasons. It’s supposed to challenge what people consider to be conventional graphic design, working with flat 2D surfaces and designing business cards, posters etc. as well as being a comment on the process we used to create the piece.

More work from Egan:

Beautiful eye candy to ease my way into a Monday morning. [Via Buzzfeed.]

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