Hello, llamas on business cards. Designer Shyama Golden remind us how to pronounce her name, with this quirky cute image of a llama in her glasses. What a wonderfully wacky way to make people notice: letterpress llamas on business cards with hot pink edges. It’s beautifully done (all the illustration and type is by hand!) and really memorable too.

She even designed postcards and mini-flyers to hold the business cards for specific events. From her website:

Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are hot pink edges on 220# Cranes lettra cotton paper, with 100% hand-drawn type and of course a hand-drawn llama. Beautiful one color letterpress printing done by theĀ Mandate Press.

Love the extreme weight of the business cards, it puts the pink edges to good use. [Via Lovely Stationery.]

My apologies for the short break in updates this past week– finals are over now, and I’m just a week away from graduation, so we return to our regular posting schedule! Glad to be back :)

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