Kudamemo is a Japanese memo pad that expands to form a 3D fruit– each page of the memo pad is shaped like a sliced cross-section of either an apple or a pear, and all the pages are glued lightly to a stem. The pages can be torn out one at a time, and since its only printed on one side of the paper, the other side becomes a blank slate for any notes you may need to take.

Best of all, when you buy the stationary in sets of 6, they get packaged in the foam netting that often comes with Asian pears, and they’re shipped in a crate to your doorstep. Designed by Diburosu, you get get them here as a single fruit or a crate of 6:

The 3D fruits look so light and airy and crisp– if I had a set, I’d probably never use them, in an attempt to keep them as perfect fruits on my desk. I also like how the papers’ yellow tone on the inside of the fruit gives an illusion of shading, especially for the apple: there’s a blend of red and yellow that makes the fruit look like a real Gala or Fuji apple. [Via Apartment Therapy.]

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