This is literally just a wonderfully fat, rounded bean bag in the shape of a sleeping grizzly bear. It looks massive and cushy, and its made by Hong Kong design studio Chic Sin Design— believe it or not, the surface pattern of the grizzly is entirely knitted, rather than printed. From their Etsy shop and website:

In the world of nature, many animals hibernate in the cold winter. Bears are one kind of animals that have this habit. However, the impact of global warming is posting great threats to the extinction of many of the natural happenings. If you can imagine how unbearable it is to sleep through a hot summer night without a fan or air-conditioning, it is time to repent and halt all your actions on being senseless.

The graphics on the bean bag is knitted, instead of printed. It can function as a chair, a sofa, or it can be a awesome decoration for you home. The bean bag cover can be taken off for washing.

I want this in my room so badly– I can imagine the bear sleeping in my corner peacefully, waiting to be sat on. Chic Sin Design also features other knitted treasures, such as rolls of bills and logs of wood. The grizzly bear bean bag is already sold out, but I’m sure a little persistence could get it to you. [Via Toxel.]

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