I’ve posted about a few paper towns before, but I’m really fond of this Paper Town. The design is a simple, inexpensive, and fully recyclable toy modeled after Poland’s suburbia: buildings and landmarks are miniaturized for child’s play, and printed on cardboard with retro colors.

Not only does this make me want to set up a small town on my desks and windowsills, but it also makes me want to visit Poland– everything there must be so quaint, if this is an accurate representation of their abundant swingsets, fountains, and parasol-covered picnic-tables. From the Paper Town website:

Paper Town is inspired by Polish suburban life. Houses, playgrounds, gas stations, department stores and other elements of a small Polish town can be found here.

The Town is aviable in a few different sets, that can be freely combined. A single set contains four sheets of gray cardboard with a fine color print.

Though it’s cardboard only, elements are quite resistant and difficult to destroy. Paper Town is fully recycled, and unlike the real town – environmental friendly.

The Paper Town comes in three different sets, organized by color, and sell for 20 Polish zlotys each– which is about $7 USD. I am seriously considering buying myself all of the sets, its so cheap! [Via Quipsologies.]

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