The architecture/design practice Serie has created a mesmerizing installation piece for the Maximum India Festival on the ceiling of the Monsoon Club, a multi-purpose performance space at the Kennedy Center in DC, using more than a million threads and an intricate grid system. The result is this 3D carpet that is suspended above the audience’s heads, inspired by the traditional flat woven rugs in India (dhurries).

The threads form a rolling pattern with four colors (3 shades of blue, 1 white) and not only give the eyes a pleasing line to follow, but also disguise the technical equipments that run along the ceiling (lights, wires, etc.) It has a definitive presence in the open room, but also maintains a lightness that doesn’t suffocate the space. Via Design Boom:

Conceived as an installation piece, the conversion project of the terrace gallery features a three-dimensional carpet which has been suspended over the main space, creating a dynamic and intimate atmosphere for the venue. The project has been designed for the Maximum India Festival.

The visual pattern of the threads is influenced by traditional ‘dhurries’, a type of flat-woven rug in india, creating a contextually-sensitive design that lends the gallery a new identity. altogether comprised of four different colours – white and three shades of blue – the installation casts a multi-hued ambiance to the space.

I want to see this in person– or better yet, I want to install something like this in a foyer or loft space. Its stunningly simple (let’s hang threads!) yet conceived in such a cunning way. Lovely. [Via Design Boom.]

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