Tian Tang is a Swedish child culture designer who created this kid’s table to foster public and sharable creativity. The circular tabletop called Come and Draw is covered in layers of colored paper, which you can take off layer by layer as the pages get filled with children’s doodles and sketches. The table also spins on a central axis, to promote collaboration and sharing between different children. From Tian Tang Design:

Come and Draw table aims at promoting children’s improvisational drawing in public places such as kindergartens and waiting areas.

Inspired by layers of collective graffiti on the wall of the Roda Sten Museum in Gothenberg, Sweden. Layers of graffiti record time, stories, and history.

The success of this design also depends in part on how children choose to interact with the table– I know plenty of kids who would just spin the paper around so that no one else would be able to draw…

The interchangeability of the papers is absolutely brilliant though, and this would be a great addition to doctor’s waiting rooms. Maybe this is something Ikea could pick up! [Via Notcot.]

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