Neon signs don’t need to be fancy to have my heart: simple, clear type and lyrics from love songs make these neon signs easy to love. The 12 Months of Neon Love Project auctions off a new neon sign every month, after hanging in UK skies for a month. They started on Valentines Day of this year, so there are only 2 designs up so far. From the website:

The Project will begin on St Valentines day 2011. A sequence of twelve quotes will be presented over twelve months in large red neon text. Visible from the railway, the work will be erected on the roof of the Neon Workshops studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

12 Months of Neon Love is formed using lyrical statements borrowed from well-known songs that feature the many configurations of love. Expressions of intimacy, adoration and heartbreak are visually re-presented to an unsuspecting audience going about their everyday lives.

On the 14th of each month, these significant and unique neon works will be auctioned on Ebay to the highest bidder. The next sentiment will take its place above the roof tops of Wakefield; a human heart felt voice burning above the industrial setting of warehouses.

The last auction for the Elvis Presley lyrics started at £300, so be ready to fork out cash by the truckloads on Ebay if you want to score any of these beauties. I’m waiting to see what all 12 designs look like in the end– so stay tuned to their blog for more!

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