These lighthearted bears by Mio Matsumodo are simple and uncomplicated– the perfect combination to market Space NK‘s new line of body/skin care products called LifeNK. Each bear is merely drawn with thin black lines and only interacts with a single colored circle, yet every bear remains playful and personable– exactly what you want to see in a brand made for everyday essentials.

From the Space NK and the D&AD site:

Everyday essentials inspired by Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird’s fast-paced lifestyle, LifeNK’s ultra-clean products are free from parabens, sulfates and silicones, amongst others, feel amazing on the skin and do exactly what they promise.

[The line] is inspired by a little bear that lives in brand founder Nicky Kinnaird’s handbag. A close friend gave it to her before the very first Space.NK store opened; it’s become a lucky token which travels with her around the world.

The life circle is present throughout the line, using colour to differentiate the fragrances. The circle interacts with the bear in various ways to illustrate the properties of the product.

The names of the products go along so well with the quirky illustrations– the hula hooping bear that adorns the “Work It” product is my favorite! [Via Creature Comforts.]

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