This “Officewear” photoshoot by New York photographer Ted Sabarese made me laugh: all the employees look like typical workers in any office setting, except for the fact that their clothes are made of office supplies! All the models look deathly serious, and the overall tone of the photos themselves is full of office-appropriate gravity… and then you notice the boxer-briefs under all that bubble wrap.

From Ted Sabarese’s blog:

Computer cables, post-it notes, staples, xeroxes, erasers, envelopes, bubble wrap, papers clips and just about every other supply you’d find in the supply room were used to create modern couture.

I’m having a hard time picking a favorite: there’s the formidable staples-remover trousers, and the eraser-top blouse, and the very transparent pair of bubble-wrap pants. But that old man next to the copier is a work of art in and of himself– what a funny photoshoot, with such great models! [Via Pondly.]

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