Stranger & Stranger, a London design firm that focuses on alcoholic drinks, created this gorgeous and elaborate packaging for their Christmas absinthe last year– a limited edition set with a heavy emphasis on fine paper details. With all the gold embossing, overload of flourishes, and the single illustrative eye on the cork, its beautiful! Via Lovely Package:

For our 12th Christmas gift we resurrected the glory days of Absinthe and created a bespoke single batch of only 250 bottles. We exhumed some old-school printers who worked their craft die stamping the inks and embossing pure cotton fibre paper.

The quote wrapped around that cork is from the poet Gustave Kahn: “Absinthe, mother of all happiness, O infinite liquor, you glint in my glass green and pale like the eyes of the mistress I once loved.” The gilded label surrounding the glass really does this quote justice, and the other text all over the bottle adds a lovely mystique to the drink:

“Handmade in a single batch. After one glass you will see things as you wish they were. Christmas Absinthe: beautiful, hideous, angelic, devilish. Concoction No. 12 of the Christmas series. All natural and organic.”

Well, no matter what havoc the drink wreaks on your body, at least you know that its organic…

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