These bold papercuts are entirely handcrafted by Joe Bagley, who transforms a single piece of black paper into delicate designs. He faithfully recreates everything from nature to architecture to human figures, and the level of intricacy involved is simply astounding– he carries the paper medium to its fullest cuttable potential. From his Etsy site

Each of my designs is hand-cut from a single piece of black paper and mounted to acid-free white mat board. Paper is the traditional first anniversary gift, so I recommend them as a unique and thoughtful gift for your special someone.

If these portraits of lovers and animals didn’t impress you enough, check out some of his more detailed work– he clearly has a very steady hand and a very precise eye for the minute details on these pieces, which look as if they were make out of thread rather than flimsy paper. I’m in amazement:

Check out his Etsy shop for more designs, and he also offers great tutorials for the basics of papercutting on his blog— its really amazing to see what he can do with a humble piece of paper (and a pair of very, very steady hands).

I personally can barely cut straight lines with my Xacto knife, so this kind of extreme delicacy is far beyond my reach. Practice, so they tell me, makes perfect… [Via Epheriell Designs.]

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