I wish all the kitschy animal objects in America looked like these product designs– there is definitely a way to integrate usefulness with the cute animal imagery without it looking painfully kitchy. Each creature below has a specific practical use, but still looks fantastic simply sitting on a shelf or even as a conversational piece of art.

If everything we owned could meld function with form just as seamlessly, our storage spaces could become galleries…

Sparrow Salad Bowl and Servers Set

This lovely pair sits gracefully on the sloped bowl when not in use, which means that your salad server handles remain clean, rather than slipping into the salad itself. Smart and pretty, plus their matte bright colors are a cheery contrast to the clean plastic whiteness of the bowl.

[Get them from Rockett St. George.]

Hidden Animal Teacups

These animals attached to the bottom of each ceramic cup is an eclectic way to say hello in the morning, and it would be a wonderful set to have for a children’s tea party. The animals are only as visible as the amount of tea/coffee that you drink, so it might also be a good way to gauge your (re: my) caffeine addiction.

[Of course, only the Japanese could think of this– from the Ange-line Tetrault, via LikeCool.]

Whale Tissue Holder

I grew up with Asian tissue dispensers, which frequently included stuffed animals, terrycloth, and copious amounts of lace all over the surface. These handcrafted wooden whales which hold tissues in their cheery sides are wonderfully minimalist and bright, while retaining a vintage look in their wood grain texture and distressed feel.

[Buy them from Etsy seller gnomesweeeetgnome, via Bem Legaus.]

Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Titled “Scratch My Back”, this grater is designed to have your gratings end up in one place– on your plate. The four feet make for a stable stance, and the cute face makes this one a keeper.

[Buy it on Kaboodle, via designboom.]

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