Pantone’s color matching system has garnered its own fanbase, for making color choices so much easier for every designer out there. Some people love it to the point where they’ve created entire projects around Pantone’s easily recognizable swatches of color and numbering– below are two particularly creative examples of Pantone design, as applied to cookies and makeup packaging.

Pantone Makeup Packaging Concept

Designer Renata Veiga made the logical leap of color coding the objects that many women use commonly in their everyday lives: her Pantone eye shadows and nail polish are only concepts for now, but I could imagine them extending the line to lipstick and blushes too.

The color choices that Veiga made for the eyeshadows in particular are wonderful– I’m a fan of the deep plums and berry tones, and they would probably be great for dramatic lipstick colors too. [Via The Dieline.]

Pantone Cookies for Design Clients

After posting about these Pantone gift cookies that Kim Neill gave to her clients this year, I’m sure that people are lining up with projects for her, if only to get her cookies. From her blog:

The idea hit me when I came across these fab Pantone Chip Tins at Blick’s Art Supply. Loaded with cookies they make the perfect client gift.

I made one big batch of royal icing in white then had a little bowl where I mixed colors one at a time as I went. I used an edible marker to write the chip numbers on once the icing was set. I even made METALLIC chips! Being the proud owner of several bottles of luster dust I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use
it here! I made Metallic Silver 877, Gold 871 and Pink 8062.

The Pantone tins loaded with Pantone cookies are exactly what I need to make now. And the best part is that Pantone’s amazing selection of nearly every color you can imagine means that you can match the cookies to the color codes AFTER you’ve finished. [Via Quipsologies.]

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