Something sweet to start off your morning: these Japanese iPhone cookies speak for themselves, with their colorful icing icons and beautiful packaging. The cookies made by a lovely bakery in the Tokushima Prefecture called Green Gables Sweets & Cafe, and their site (which is all in Japanese) features other cute baked goods such as cream-colored petit fours and bunny cookies.

I love the homemade feel of these chocolate-based cookies, and its nice that they don’t look too crafted or perfect– they just look delicious. [Via Design You Trust and Small Business Aol.]

In 2008, Green Gables owner Kumiko Kudo, 44, was commissioned to make a cookie that resembled an iPod Touch. Since then, the bakery has been making hundreds of the Apple-inspired cookies, especially after Japanese economist Kazuyo Katsuma recently tweeted a photo of the “amazing iPhone cookie” and sent it viral.

The chocolate cookie features highly detailed glazed “apps,” including SMS messaging, a calendar, iTunes and YouTube. The cookies are a bit larger than an actual iPhone and they sell for 2,730 yen (approximately $33) a pop.

Kudo says she can only bake and ice 20 cookies per day, because of the time-consuming attention to detail.

And in case you were wondering, the icing writes “Softbank” across the front of the iPhone because that’s the company who has the exclusive distribution rights to iPhones and iPads in Japan!

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