Somewhere in London, there lies a magical house of color and fun– the Rainbow House, designed by Ab Rogers and DA Studio, is a compilation of every childhood fantasy you could imagine. There are slides between floors, revolving beds, and a gorgeous rainbow staircase that fills the house with color. From the Ab Rogers website:

In the master bedroom, a circular bed rotates into position so that you can look out any window. A trap door in the floor pops open to reveal a slide that zips you down to the living room below, where an over-sized sofa creates a 12 x 8 metre soft piazza for playing, sleeping and living.

These surprising and disparate elements unite into one composition around a central spiral staircase. This bespoke fibreglass and steel fabrication passes through the full spectrum of the rainbow as it rises through the house. At each storey, its hue spreads out and influences the colour of that floor, creating a visual rhythm on a vertical axis. Sun pours down through skylights at the very top of the house, drenching the staircase in light and bringing it to life.

The one thing that I’d want more of in this house is pillows. I’d want piles and piles of pillows all over the place, especially under that slide… otherwise, this house is arguably the ideal place for creative types and 5 year olds alike. [Via Plastolux.]

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