Flickr user dailypoetics has amassed a huge collection of outstanding business cards– but one thing I noticed in particular was the creative use of mixed mediums in a typically print design. The business cards I’ve compiled below feature some great uses of different materials in addition to paper, whether by sewing gilt thread right into the card or even printing on something that’s not paper at all, such as plexiglass or plastic. Integrating a variety of mediums with paper results in an unforgettable business card, especially when it reinforces your brand or work (see the dental floss above!).

For more great business card designs, check out dailypoetic’s Flickr photoset here.

Dr. Al
Murillo Design
yuka suzuki
heads inc

That last business card deserved a second take for being so wonderfully executed. All the elements of a good print business card are there– and then they went and took it a new level of clean corners. Imagine carrying a set of those around to pass out! Can they double as coasters, or paperweights?

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