Valentines should always be just as clever and beautifully designed as these two creations by The Hungry Workshop: the first valentine makes me laugh, and the second one makes me gasp with joy at the beautiful colors and gorgeous detailing.

Both are just great examples of fun type that draws your eye in, and I’m especially fond of the fill-in-the-blank personalization that the second card offers.

This last photo shows their gradient ink processing for the second card, which guarantees a one-of-a-kind color combination:

While the card was printed using one plate, we played around with a split ink fountain creating a three colour gradient. As the print job progressed the colours became more uniformly mixed together, so each card has it’s own unique blend of colours.

You can get both cards here on their online shop— here’s to hoping that this studio will only be producing more and more wonderful letterpress works like these. [Via Poppytalk.]

Plus, if I could lay my hands on some of these cards, I’d fill it with “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” and hand it out to all my nearest and dearest friends. I love cake!

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