As a free giveaway to celebrate my blog launch and to welcome new readers, I designed a set of printable monthly calendars for the year 2011! They’re simple, minimalist vector calendars that you can print on regular letter paper, perfect for hanging on your wall, decorating your office space, or even as bookmarks.

I chose bright, blocky shapes for this design, with a more organic feel in the flowy placement of some of the months (see June’s trippy swirls, versus April’s grid of raindrops!) I was inspired by a variety of sources, such as Lullatone’s Raindrop Melody Maker and Oh So Crafty’s Valentine Garland— but I also drew from my own memories of the different months.

If you like the calendar, click HERE to download it.

Simply print, cut, and enjoy!

EDIT: Upon request, I’ve made the first few months of this design into a full-sized calendar– to download them, click HERE. Or, for my newest linear calendar (featuring type and children’s books), click HERE.

You can also preview the full calendar below:

If you like what you see here, check back for more prints and printables from my site– I’ll be updating daily on design finds. You can also subscribe here for my RSS feed, or email me at with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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