The typical monthly calendar is usually blocky and restrictive in form, so I wanted to find a new way to design a calendar that allowed for note-taking and event-jotting. Therefore, I present to you not one, but TWO linear calendars for the year 2011, featuring two of my favorite things: typography & children’s books.

The overall concept is to give you just enough space to only put down the most important things– I pared away all graphics, leaving behind type and plenty of whitespace for a truly clean and uncluttered feel.

The Typeface Calendar

In this design, the days are neatly aligned on the left side of the page, while a small blurb of text hangs over the name of the month. Since each month is laid out in a different type, the blurb displays some history and interesting facts about that specific typeface. The typefaces I’ve used in each month are listed below:

  • January: Frutiger
  • February: Caslon
  • March: Futura
  • April: Helvetica
  • May: Rockwell
  • June: Baskerville
  • July: Univers
  • August: Palatino
  • September: Century
  • October: Gill Sans
  • November: Bell Gothic
  • December: Didot

I’ve matched each month to the specific typeface that I feel conveys the month’s “personality” and demeanor– Caslon’s elegance is paired to February, for example, and Didot could really only be used in December, in its dramatic flair. All the blurbs are taken from Wikipedia’s descriptions of each font (with a few edits of my own, but only minimally so).

The Children’s Book Calendar

If you’re not a typophile (ie someone who is absolutely addicted to all thing type), I also designed a new calendar featuring quotes from children’s books– I used the text blurb on the side to put in bits and pieces of my favorite classics. The books I used are below:

  • January: Through the Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There
  • February: Winnie the Pooh
  • March: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • April: The Giving Tree
  • May: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
  • June: The Velveteen Rabbit
  • July: Where the Wild Things Are
  • August: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • September: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • October: Green Eggs and Ham
  • November: The Phantom Tollbooth
  • December: Harold and the Purple Crayon

The fonts and colors are exactly the same as the typeface calendar, and the books are matched to the colors of the font (guess what font color I used for Green Eggs and Ham?). I really enjoyed every single one of these books as a kid, and I hope they trigger similar nostalgic memories for you whenever you read those quotes.

Downloading the Calendars

To download the Typeface Calendar, click HERE.
To download the Children’s Book Calendar, click HERE.

Depending on the quality of your printer, you may have to trim off the sides of the calendar for the type to look the same, but a quick one-two-three with the Xacto knife makes it pretty in no time.

Look, even my Labbit likes these calendars!

If you like the calendars, and want even more paper love coming your way, then you’re going to love the blog giveaway I’m hosting tomorrow– there will be free goodies going to two lucky readers, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s post to find out how to enter! (Although I can tell you know, Labbit is NOT going to be part of the prize… he’s just the judge!)

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