Rebecca Ward makes beautifully complex art installations out of simple household objects: these colorful and geometric pieces are entirely made from duct tape or electrical tape.

I love how sculptural and almost-solid her work looks from far away– but when you get closer, you see that the taped shapes are hollow and easily┬ádestructible. There is such precision in everything from the even tape to the color choices! From her website:

In my recent work I use everyday materials found in hardware stores such as tape and vinyl adhesives to explore space and create three-dimensional geometrical shapes that become extensions of the built environment.

I initially chose to work with tape because of its textural and adhesive quality. Tape adheres to ceilings, walls, and floors, converging with the architecture of a space. These tape installations are mathematically calculated and thoughtfully planned; however, they are sometimes a more chaotic and sporadic investigation of the space.

This was the best way to brighten up the snowy mornings we’ve been having in NYC. Also, imagine laying down all these strips of tape perfectly, only to easily rip them up later for clean-up. This would be the best place to let a couple of hyper kids loose– they’d be wrapped in bright colors in about 2 minutes, and your clean-up would be done.

[Via Craftzine.]

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