There is no end to the beauty of this wedding invitation set: with its monochromatic and dramatic color choices, textured letterpress and tree ring imagery, plus a brilliant and elegant integration of Caslon swashes… this may in fact be the pinnacle of modern wedding design.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the designer of this gorgeous set is in fact the groom, because this level of detail is priceless– the typesetting speaks for itself. Designed by Jefferson Perky of Perky Bros LLC, the invitations are minimalist yet eye-catching, clean yet ornate.

The illustrative swashes draw the eye into every word; you want to just read and read and read it over and over again, until you’ve ingrained the info into your brain. (And isn’t that what every invitation is meant to do? Which is why froufrou and lace can be such a turn-off in my opinion– not everyone will read the details through, just because its often too hard to read!)

The choice of Caslon for the type means that the text won’t look dated or trashy very quickly (if ever!) but there’s just enough unorthodox positioning to make the set look modern. Bravo, Mr. Percy, bravo.

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